Flow With Change

On this date in 1961, Bob Dylan released the album The Times They Are a-Changin’. The album’s songs spoke topics, including racism, civil right, social and political discontent, and the need for progress and moving within the flow and energy of change.

Many people have a natural resistance to change even if it is ultimately for their greater good. In the spirit of flowing smoothly with change, choose a smooth stone, such as tumbled clear quartz or polished river rock, and visit a local body of flowing water. hold the stone between your hands and visualise the flowing water surrounding the stone. Visualize how you are like the stone. The flowing water flows just as the flow of change does. Throw your stone into the moving water as a declaration of releasing your resistance to change. So mote it be!

—-Blake Octavian Blair

Second Quarter Moon in Gemini
Color: Lavender
Incense: Clary Sage

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