Imbolc Prayer

The name Imbolc means “ewe’s milk,” and this holiday originally celebrated the time when the sheep herd increased. New ewes are born and the wews come into milk in late winter. This represents the return of life.

Celebrate the day by giving thanks for all the things that sheep have given us. They row wool for sinning into yarn and cloth. their milk makes excellent cheese. Some people also enjoy lamb meat. You can wear wool clothes today or serve foods that are associated with sheep. Use this prayer for thanksgiving:

Sheep in the barn,
Woolly and warm,
we give our thanks
For all you form:
Fleece for sweaters
And milk for cheese,
Lambs that scamper
Quick as you please.

—-Elizabeth Barrette

First Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Orange
Incense: Hyacinth

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