Seeds of Change Spell

At this time of year, we look forward to spring and all the things we hope to do. Most of us want to make changes in our lives as spring approaches. This spell will help remind you of what you want to do, even after you’ve performed the spell.

You’ll need a brown candle and a package of garden seeds that like to be planted in cool weather. Dill, lettuce, spinach, and California poppies are a few ideas. Light the candle. Place your hands on the package of seeds, then close your eyes and think of the change you wish to make. Open your eyes, and slowly slide the seeds toward the candle. Snuff out the candle.

at the proper planting time, sow the seeds outdoors. As you tend them and watch them grow, keep working on your goal. As your plants grow, your wish will come to fruition, too.

—-James Kambos

Fourth Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
Color: Silver
Incense: Hyssop

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