Singing Praises

Today is the feast day of St. Blaise, a martyred physician and bishop from Turkey, known for interceding in the cases of throat illnesses and injuries, especially fish bones stuck in the throat.

In honor of St. Blaise, exercise your vocal cords. Open your mouth and sings. Imagine you have finally had a fish bone pulled out of your throat, and let your joy and gratitude sing out. Choose a favorite song that you may have known for a long time. It hardly matters what the words are or what the song is about Just open your mouth and let the sounds of your soul rise up and out.

Sing along to your favorite tunes in the shower, where acoustics are great. Sing really loudly in the car, with windows rolled up. Wherever you are, celebrate St. Blaise and your throat. Put joy into singing, and feel the joy that singing brings.

—-Dallas Jennifer Cobb

First Quarter Moon in Aries
Color: Gray
Incense: Lily

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