A Snow Spell

Snow is nature’s purifier. This spell works gradually to weaken and eventually destroy a bad habit. You’ll need a bowl of pure, fresh snow or crushed ice, and a piece of jute garden twine about one foot in length. Place the snow and twine in front of you. First begin to wrap the twine around your finger while thinking of the habit you wish to stop. Repeat this as long as you want — feel the negative energy being absorbed by the twine. Place the twine into the bowl of snow/ice and press it into the snow with your hand. Allow the cleansing properties of the snow to work for you as it draws impurities away from the twine. Pour the snow and twine onto the ground. As the snow melts, the negativity will be cleansed by the earth, and as the twine decomposes, the habit will fade.

—-James Kambos

First Quarter Moon in Aries
Color: Topaz
Incsense: Honeysuckle

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