Start a New Habit

With the waxing moon in Taurus, it’s a great day to start a new habit and to maximise the likelihood that it will stick. What habit would you like to start? Jogging in the morning? Eating more veggies? Finally writing your novel?

Cleanse an agate or jasper in sage or running water and then empower it in sunlight or candlelight. Hold it against your lower belly with both hands, close your eyes, and visualise yourself engaging daily in this lovely new habit. Feel the sense of accomplishment that goes along with sticking to it regularly, and see/imagine/feel all the wonderful benefits. Also see and feel yourself adopting this habit with more ease than you believed possible. three times, say:

I commit. I follow through.
I succeed. As I will it, so it must be.

Go outside and bury the agate near the base of a strongly rooted tree.

—-Tess Whitehurst

First Quarter Moon in Taurus
Color: White
Incense: Clove

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