Anti-Bully Zone

help grow an extra layer of protection around your child’s school — or any area school that worries you — with the help of candles and mirrors. you will need to create a circle using three pink (friendship) and three blue (protection) candles. In the center, place a mirror face up, with a green or white pillar candle sitting on top.

If there is anyone you specifically want to target for protection from bullying, write their name on a slip of paper and place it under the pillar candle. Light the central candle while stating your intent — wanting to protect said children from harm and bullying from their peers, or something to that effect. proceed to light the outer circle of candles, envisioning friendship, protection, and understanding encircling the children of the chosen school(s). Take a few moments longer to meditate and visualise before letting the outer candles burn themselves out.

—-Laurel Reufner

Second Quarter Moon in Gemini
Color: Black
Incense: Sage

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