Read in the Bathtub

Cleansing and purifying the body is integral to spellwork. although this does not always require complete immersion in water, today encourages that very thing. Take extra time to clean the tub surfaces. Gather candles, music, and a beverage of your choice. Create a pillow for your head; be sure the towels and your robe are at hand. Relax into scented water. What to read? Peruse the latest Wiccan supply catalogue, revisit your favorite well-worn book on the Craft, or research a skill you wish to cultivate, such as divination or candle magic. classic fiction, poetry, historical romances, modern chick lit, biographies, travel, and how-to manuals — nothing is off-limits. The pint is to turn off the rest of the world for a little bit of time, and feed your mind and refresh your body.


Second Quarter Moon in Gemini
Color: Yellow
Incense: Frankincense

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