To Work a Spell That You Can Reverse at a Later Date

You have cast a spell that you want to reverse. Though it is not always easy to accept, sometimes you have to live the consequences of your actions. Reversing spells can be difficult, depending on what you have done and the amount of change you have caused. Proper planning can make the spell reversible if you are careful.

String knotting a spell is a good way to begin learning how to cast and uncast a spell. you work the spell by knotting your spell into the string. Tie one knot for intent; as you knot, state clearly the purpose of the spell. Then tie one knot for success as you speak the expected outcome of the spell. And tie one knot to seal the spell. To undo the spellworking later, unknot and speak the spell in reverse order. Then burn the string.


Second Quarter Moon in Cancer
Color: White
Incense: Marjoram

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