Sometimes we need healing, but sometimes we need a proper diagnosis. If you’re in a situation that has medical professionals baffled, this spell can help.

Mark a cloth doll or poppet with the illness (if it’s stomach pains, mark the stomach with an X). Be creative. It’s traditional to make a healing poppet yourself and include healing herbs in the stuffing.

Cover the doll with a black cloth, representing ignorance.

Light a light-blue candle, representing knowledge.

Pointing your hands, wand, or athame at the doll, chant these words over and over:

Knowledge is power.

When the energy is at its peak, pull the black cloth away from the doll. Say:

All is known. All is seen. Power has come.

Keep the the poppet on your alter until the diagnosis arrives

—-Deborah Lipp

Second Quarter Moon in Leo
Color: Crimson
Incense: Apricot

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