Be Your Own Valentine

As followers of a magical path, we know the ways of energy; that we cannot truly love another unless and until we love ourselves. Tonight, take some time to bathe yourself in moonlight! Feel the energy of the Goddess surrounding and engulfing you, and focus on your devotion to her. Let this feeling escalate into that of an adoration, just focusing on the feelings — no words are needed or desired in this time of Mercury retrograde. let instinct and intuition rule; allow yourself to open up to all of that love, and then direct that same devotion and adoration toward yourself! After all, it was you who made the decision to come to this sacred road. Feel the energies of love and appreciation flow over you; flood yourself with adoration and moonlight. Afterward, treat yourself to a rose, and perhaps some champagne and chocolate, or a silky shirt. You deserve it!

—-Thuri Calafia

Second Quarter Moon in Leo
Color: White
Incense: Thyme

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