Clearing the Air

Today honors Tacita, a goddess of silence who protects against hateful, hostile speech. Often when we get upset or feel strongly about something, we don’t always use a whole lot of tact in our communications. Tacita can teach us that sometimes it’s better to simply say nothing at all and just let the moment pass.

What times in your life did you get worked up more than you needed to? did blowing up really do you any good, or did it just make you feel worse? Getting hostile tends to lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, heartburn, or nausea.

Spend some time in silence today. think about how different some conversations could be if you remember to remain calm and tactful. Sometimes biting our tongue may be the best, most peaceful route. If it really doesn’t need to be said, don’t bother saying it.

—-Kerri Connor

Third Quarter Moon in Libra
Color: Scarlet
Incense: Cedar

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