Out, Out, Damn Spot!

Is there something in your life that is lingering, clinging to you, that you really wish would just leave? Try this spell to banish this enduring annoyance, habit, or pattern.

On a piece of white paper, create a sigil of what it is you are banishing by writing it out in full and then crossing out all the vowels and repeated consonants. Then create one single image (sigil) out of the remaining letters. Inscribe this sigil in red ink onto black paper.

Ground and center, and align. Burn the black paper and chant:

Out, out, damn spot!
Out, out, I say!
My power as Witch
Will work my Way.
This thing is gone,
And I am free!
My power as Witch
Liberates me!

—-Gede Parma

Fourth Quarter moon in Saggitarius
Color: Gray
Incense: Patchouli

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