Success Oil

Here is my recipe for success oil. Use it on business cards and resumes and for attracting money.

A bottle
Sunflower oil
Essential citrus oils (lemon, orange, or grapefruit, or a combination — the zest of these can be used as well)
Gold flake powder
Small piece of citrine

These are sun products — symbols of success. Add sunflower oil to the bottle, leaving space at the top. Add drops of citrus oil, blending till it smells “right” to you. I use up to ten drops of essential oil per half cup of sunflower oil, depending on how strong I want to make the batch.

Add just a pinch of the gold flake powder. Remember, the powder will settle, so be sure to include the citrine as another accelerator and a “shaker” to mix the gold powder with the other oils. Add your intent to finish.


Fourth Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
Color: Gold
Incense: Almond

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