Palm Blossom Tea Ritual

Today the Plum Blossom Festival is celebrated at Kitano Tenmangu, a Shinto shrine in Kyoto, Japan. It commemorates the defied scholar Sugawara no Michizane, to whom the shrine is dedicated, with tea ceremony. Because Michizance is popularly petitioned for success in academic pursuits, you might perform this tea ceremony to support your studies or other self-improvement endeavors (such as exercise or career-advancement goals).

Light a white or burgundy candle to Michizane near a small bouquet plum blossoms (or an image of them if they are not readily available). Make a pot or cup of green tea, and mindfully drink it alone or with one or more companions. Pay close attention to the taste of each sip as you carefully consider your goals. Allow the energizing vibration of the plum blossoms to fuel your inspiration and motivation to succeed. Visualize/imagine/feel yourself reaching your goals, and know that this is your destiny. 

—-Tess Whitehurst

Fourth Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Color: White
Incense: Basil

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