Successful Communication

Mercury, Wednesday’s planetary ruler, is intimately tied with communications. We’re approaching the tail end of a Mercury retrograde, which is notorious for making clear communication tricky. Time for a charm to promote clarity in your communication endeavors! Gather a clear quartz crystal point and a yellow ribbon or strand of yarn. After cleansing your crystal under running water or in a bit of incense smoke, take your ribbon and tie it, knotting it three times, around the quartz point while reciting:

Color of yellow, illuminate my intent.
Crystal of quartz, magnify my clarity.
By knot of three, so mote it be!

Hold the completed charm to your third eye, and focus on your intent once again. Then carry the charm on your person, clearing and reprogramming it as needed.

—-Blake Octavian Blair

Fourth Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Color: Brown
Incense: Bay laurel

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