Today we celebrate Equirria, the ancient festival of chariot races to honor Mars. IT is the “dead” of the winter, but spring is on the horizon, less than one month away. Rally the forces of hope and light. Be a warrior, like Mars, and fight through the cold and the bleak, or the boring and the dreary. Book a ride at a local stable — even the most urban of areas have them. If you are an equestrian, you know how soothing a ride can be. Or consider a visit to a farm, bearing treats of apples and carrots (be sure to ask permission!). If these options are not available to you, place a small figurine or picture of a horse on your altar, and ask Mars for his blessing

As in a chariot race,
I ask your blessings, great Mars.
Grant me power, courage, and stamina,
Bring the light of spring to this dark winter.


Fourth Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Color: Purple
Incense: Nutmeg

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