De-Labeling Ourselves

On this last day of Mercury retrograde, under the last sliver of the waning moon, the Crone’s Sickle, it’s a good time to discard some of the labels we’ve been plastered with. Write all of these “messages” you’ve been bombarded with on small pieces of paper, then safety-pin or tape them to an old t-shirt and put it on.

Cast your circle calling your most powerful gods and guardians to help you. Focusing on the power of the Crone’s Sickle, remove and then read each label aloud, stating that this is no longer (or never was) true of you, and then burn each label in the flame of a black (for mystery) or dark blue (for deep emotions) candle. When all the labels have been burned, burn or bury the t-shirt, and be free. Plan to move forward when the moon turns.

—-Thuri Calafia

Fourth Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Color: Pink
Incense: Mint

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