New Moon Ritual — Assessing a New Project

Your project should be clearly stated on paper and outlined in detail before you start this ritual. Pay attention to specifics, as Mars turns retrograde today. You should have a jar candle for seven days.

Place your project outline on your altar. Sprinkle it with some success oil you made (see February 23), and ask for blessing on the project from your Gods and light the candle.

Follow your outline for the project, getting it started during the next seven days. Your outline provides the steps to follow; you should follow as many of the steps as possible — pricing supplies, gathering information, and putting the initial process into motion — so that the project is in the works by the full moon. This ritual enables you to start the process and judge its feasibility and potential for success by the full moon.


Fourth Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Blue
Incense: Sage

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