Holy Well/Spring Blessing

If you are fortunate enough to have a well or a natural spring on your property and would like to bless and consecrate it as a place of magic and healing energy, the following spell can be used.

go to the well or spring and hold your hands over it and try to feel the natural power of the place, that delicate hum of Mother Earth. When you feel it, ask the Goddess to help strengthen and empower the spirit of place so that the well will continue to grow in power. When you feel ready, chant this spell to bless and charge the water.

Bubbling up from Mother Earth,
Waters of life and untold worth,
Heal and cleanse, blessing ensure,
Whatever you touch shall now be pure.
Magical well, sacred space, I connect to you,
Ancient spirit of place.
Blessed be.

—-Michael Furie

First Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Amber
Incense: Marigold

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