Peach Blossom Day

Today is Peach Blossom Day. The peach tree represents love, affection, harmony, and peace. Furthermore, peaches are the fruit of immortality. They promote health and longevity. There is also the legend of Peach Blossom Spring Village, a place in which enlightened people gather to live a peaceful life away from the complications of the ordinary world.

This spell strengthens the heart and enhances love for all beings. To cast it, you will need a vase with several twigs of peach blossoms. If you can’t find live peach blossoms, silk ones will do. Place the vase on your altar and use it as a focus. Then, recite this invocation:

The heart is the center of love,
Love for all living creatures.
the fragrance of the heart
Is the perfume of peace.
Let my heart open like
A peach blossom,
Releasing the energy
Of love and peace.

—-Elizabeth Barrette

First Quarter Moon in Aries
Color: Ivory
Incense: Narcissus

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