Fat Tuesday Prosperity Ritual

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is a traditional celebration of excess before entering the austerity of Lent. The moon’s aspects make today for magically riding this wave of indulgence with a high-spirited prosperity ritual that involves going all out with the luxuries. For example, you might plan a decadent meal, get all the ingredients for your favorite mixed drink, take a bubble bath, put on the satin pajamas, and burn the expensive incense.

Once you’ve planned and assembled the items you need, take a moment before partaking of the splurges to light a deep red candle, take some deep breaths, center your mind, and say:

With the fiery light of Mars,
The waxing fullness of the moon,
And the growing power of the Sun,
I now align.
I am rich. I have plenty.
My cup overflows.
My wallet swells.
Whatever I need, I have.
Luxury is my natural state.

Then enjoy!

—-Tess Whitehurst

First Quarter Moon in Aries
Color: Black
Incense: Ylang Ylang

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