Paying it Forward

Spring is almost here, and Thursday is for generosity. Put these together and it’s time to clean and help someone out. As you sort belongings, remember it’s the perfect time to clean out old ideas, too. What stops you from doing more for others? What ideas do you need to get rid of to be able to help people in the future? Use the following as a meditation or journal exercise:

Why do I help the people I do?
Do I hold back from providing
assistance to others?
Do my prejudices affect who I help?
Do I make excuses?
Do people discriminate against me?
How would I feel if people treated me
the same way?

If you have prejudices, put them aside. Everyone has hard times at some point in their lives. Give people a hand up when they need it. Someday you may be the one reaching out for help.

—-Kerri Connor

First Quarter Moon in Taurus
Color: Crimson
Incense: Myrrh

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