Mother Earth Day

Today is Mother Earth Day, a festival that’s celebrated in China. This is considered the birthday of the earth as a mother goddess. One of the ways celebrants like to recognize the Earth Mother’s special day is by burying giftst for her in the ground. Choose whatever you wish: a coin, a stone, a flower, or even a handful of fertilizer! Dig a small hole and sit quietly on the ground and thank Mama Gaia for all the life that she supports, including your own. As you place your gift to her in the hole, say:

Blessed be, my Mother Earth,
I celebrate your very birth.
I offer this gift, a little token,
With gratitude this spell is spoken.

Use your hands to push the soil back over the gift. Meditate on the earth as a goddess, nurturing all life with her body and giving endlessly to all her children.

—-Mickie Muller

First Quarter Moon in Gemini
Color: Gray
Incense: Rue

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