A Wishing Tree Spell

A “wishing tree” is a tree that you bond with, and you can use it to enhance your spellwork. Select a tree first. It must appeal to you for some reason. It may be anywhere — in a park, your yard, or a forest. Just be sure you can get to it easily. When you find it, give thanks by pressing a penny into the soil near its trunk and saying:

I give thanks for your friendship,
By pressing this coin into the ground.
I declare, from your crown,
We are now bound.

To make a wish come true, tie a small red ribbon to a branch as you focus on your wish. After asking the tree for permission, you may occasionally use parts of the tree in your spells, such as a leaf or a bit of bark.

—-James Kambos

Second Quarter Moon in Gemini
Color: Gold
Incense: Eucalyptus

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