The Tintinnabulation of the Bells

In times past, church and town bells rang out to mark certain parts of the day, times for prayer, and more. Some cultures still use bells to signal these practices, the tintinnabulation sounding far and wide, reminding people of their obligations. Today, the cell is often overlooked as a magickal tool, but reclaiming its power will add a bright spot to your magicks.

Purchase a small bell: be sure to test several until you find one with a pleasing ring. Charge the bell in full cycles of sun and full moon, then consecrate it with all four elements, dabbing it with saltwater and passing it through the smoke above a candle-flame. Use the prepared bell to mark sacred space or occurrences, ringing it to signal the beginning and end of prayer, meditation, ritual, or gatherings. Keep it on your altar space when not in use.

—-Susan Pesznecker

Second Quarter Moon in Cancer
Color: White
Incense: Lily

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