Choosing Seeds

As planting time approaches in so many regions, it’s time to focus on inner growth. Purchase some tiny crystals for this spell. Cleanse them in saltwater, then cast your circle. Taking up each small “seed” crystal in turn, ponder an aspect of personality or growth that you wish to plant within. Allow the idea to grow in your mind, and let yourself see all the way through to that idea’s completion. focus your energy and fire into the crystal, programming it with the energies you’ve conjured. Seal the spell in the crystal with some oil, repeating this process with all the ideas you wish to grow in yourself. Help yourself to some hearty cakes and wine, grounding the energies. Afterward, “plant” the crystals in the areas of your life you’ve planted the seed in, and be blessed.

—-Thuri Calafia

Second Quarter Moon in Cancer
Color: Maroon
Incense: Ginger

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