Looking Forward

With winter marching on, and spring soon to come, pause and look forward in the spirit realm. Herbs for this spell are available in most grovery stores. You will need fresh ginger and either lemon balm or lemongrass. Ginger aids psychic development and protection. Lemongrass promotes clairvoyance and aids divination.

While water boils, grate a teaspoon of fresh ginger. I revel the goodness ahead. Take a generious pinch of lemon balm or lemongras and smell it. Goodness flows towards me. place herbs and ginger in a mug, and add boiling water. While it steeps for five minutes, lean close to the cup, breathe in the fragrant steam, and look into the reflection. I look to the future. Let your eyes blur. Scry the future. And now I see. When you’ve seen images, sip the infusion, ingesting the magic. The future is clear. Blessed be.

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