Blow That Bad Habit Away

Let’s face facts: it’s hard to break a bad habit, regardless of the toll it may take on our lives. Make a commitment to yourself to do just that with just one bad habit with which you’re currently wrestling. Draw on the power of a full moon to let this little spell help strengthen your resolve.

You’ll need a small tray — even a picture frame will work — and some cornstarch. Dump enough cornstarch on the tray to cover the surface, and you’re ready to begin. Look at the coating of cornstarch, and imagine that it’s the residue of your chosen bad habit, coating your life. With a finger, write in the cornstarch any word that to you represents the bad habit. Now take your tray outside (a wide-open window might also work), take a deep breath, and blow the cornstarch away into the air, visualizing your bad habit floating away with it.

—-Laurel Reufner

Second Quarter Moon in Virgo
Color: Orange
Incense: Heliotrope

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