Spell to Reveal Hidden Truth

Since it has been proven that there were no snakes driven out of Ireland by Saint Patrick — that being a metaphor for (almost) driving out Irish Paganism — I feel that this day is an ideal time to work a spell to reveal truth that has been covered up by lies or distortion from others.

To cast this spell, light a white candle and urn an incense made of equal parts powdered deer’s tongue, calamus, and licorice root on an incense charcoal, and meditate. Concentrate on what you want revealed while chanting:

Layers of gloom, obscure what’s real,
The fog is swept and cleared away.
For ultimate good, I ask now, reveal!
The truth be known by light of day.

Once you have cast the spell, snuff out the candle and allow the incense to burn out. The next day, when everything has cooled, bury the spell remains in the earth.

—-Michael Furie

Third Quarter Moon in Libra
Color: Silver
Incense: Neroli

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