Badge of Courage

Be courageous. Do one thing that requires you to be courageous. Long ago, kings and tribal chiefs had to be courageous and sacrifice their lives for the good of the people. Though you don’t need to sacrifice your life, there are plenty of ways you can stand up for yourself that would take a bit of courage. Say this chant as long as you want to build that confidence an to let your courage out in a roar:

I am strong, I am brave,
I am a master, not a slave.
I am tough I am strong,
I know I’m right, I’m not wrong.
I stand for you, I stand for me,
I stand courageous for all to see!

This is a simple rhyme, but once you start speaking loudly, you will feel the power sell inside of you. Let it burst out!

—-Kerri Connor

Third Quarter Moon in Libra
Color: White
Incense: Cinnamon

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