Break a Spell Cast by Someone Else

It’s obvious you did something to make someone angry. That person is not going to reverse the spell, so you will need to do it yourself.

For an un-hexing ritual, my recommendation is bathing with uncrossing oil and bath salts. Use a seven-day white candle anointed with vetiver oil (or a jinx-removing candle/oil) with the name of the person who cast the spell on you engraved into the candle. Burn incense of Low John Root (Trillium grandiflorium) and  pine needles. You can also invoke your deity to help remove the hex. The best way to remove a curse is with a blessing — that the other person finds peace and moves on. Word your blessing according to your situation. Do this daily for all seven days till the candle is burned out.

Remember, if you brought this upon yourself, you sustain some kind of backlash.


Third Quarter Moon in Libra
Color: Brown
Incense: Honeysuckle

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