Rubber Ducky Spell

The spring equinox marks the Pagan holiday of Ostara. It is a time of balance, when the light is slowly rowing stronger.

This holiday represents rebirth and regeneration, when the word comes alive again after winter. Baby animals are born. Spring rain encourages plants to sprout and flowers to bloom. Ducks and ducklings appear among the famous symbols of this season. The stormy weather can bring danger, though, along with life-giving rain. Ducks represent the ability to sail serenely through challenges.

For this spell, you need a classic rubber ducky. Float it in a bowl of water on your altar. Meditate on the weather in its positive and negative aspects. Then say this incantation:

No matter the storm,
Duck sails calmly on.
Wind blows and rain falls,
And then they are gone.
Gentle the storms with
The power of Duck.
Bring spring’s renewal,
And hope and good luck.

—-Elizabeth Barrette

Third Quarter Moon in Virgo
Color: Green
Incense: Apricot

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