Rekindle Your Passion

sometimes we fall into a routine with our lover, even when the person is our soul mate. Everyday life can zap the passion out of us. Spending some special time together can reignite that old passion and bring some good old-fashioned romance back into your life. Carve a heart with your initials on one side of a red candle and your anniversary date on the other. Now charge the candle:

We fan the flame of passion strong,
Rekindling our love so long.
Bring clarity into our hearts,
Reminding us of our true love’s start.

Have a bowl of fresh strawberries nearby. Feed your partner a strawberry and tell them one thing about that you attractive or recall a happy memory of your first year together. They should do the same with you. Repeat this process until the strawberries are gone, and let the evening progress as it will.

—-Mickie Muller

Third Quarter Moon in Virgo
Color: Pink
Incense: Violet

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