Clear the Pathway to Love

Of all the things in life, soul mate relationships can be both the most satisfying and the most trying. Some days you can feel blissful, and other days you can feel a million miles apart. This spell helps clear the invisible pathway between your hearts so that you can rediscover your compassion for each other and, in turn, your harmonious coexistence.

Cleanse two rose quartzes in running water for at least one minute, and then charge them in sunlight or candle light for at least one minute. Sit comfortably and hold one crystal lightly in each hand. Close your eyes and see yourself standing across from your partner in the middle of a beautiful meadow. See both of your hearts as windows with shutters. See these shutters open and reveal blindingly bright suns. See a bridge of light form between your two hearts, nourishing each of you deeply and cleansing away roadblocks to understanding.

—-Tess Whitehurst

Third Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
Color: Black
Incense: Sandalwood

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