Terrior Altar

Terrior is a French word referencing the natural environment in which a thing takes root. Organic farmers, vintners, hop growers, and other agriculturists believe that terrior imparts a certain flavor or character to the crop — hence the unique depth of flavor in a small-batch beer or a local wine vintage. We humans respond to terrior as well — we’re shaped and “flavoured” by the places in which we live our lives. Yet even as many of us honor our ancestors and patrons, we often neglect to pay homage to our ancestral lands.

Set up a terrior altar. Include photos — or even map sections of the lands that contributed to your character. Add statues or representations of trees or, if possible, include stones, sticks, bits of earth, or even vials of water from the actual locations. Honor your own terrior as you honor your human ancestors, and be thankful for these precious gifts.

—-Susan Pesznekcer

Fourth Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Color: Red
Incense: Bayberry

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