Make a Prayer Stick

Prayer sticks are frequently used by shamans to heal the sick, to drive away evil, and as offerings to the Gods. At this time of year, plum trees come into blossom. Plum tree branches are highly favored as prayer sticks. Healing and protection are powers associated with plum tree wood.

To make your prayer stick, first obtain a branch from a plum tree and bless it. Carve, decorate, or paint it as you wish. Use symbols and designs special to you, and concentrate on your magical intent as you decorate your stick. When done, decorate one end of your stick with feather to help raise your wishes to the divine spirit. Bless your prayer stick during a new moon before use.

To use your prayer stick, hold it and think about your need. Lay the stick on your altar, or push it into the ground. The stick will direct your magical energy.

—-James Kambos

Fourth Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Color: Topaz
Incense: Lilac

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