To Heal a Rift

Use the waning moon to heal a rift that keeps two people apart (one of those people may be you). You’ll need a square of blue or pink fabric, fabric paints or markers in colors representing each person, scissors, and a needle and thread.

Draw the two people on the square of fabric. Draw each in his or her color. They can be simple stick figures with name labels.

Cut the fabric so that the two people are separated. put them on opposite sides of the altar. Say:

The rift wanes.

Then move the two pieces closer together. Repeat this again and again until the pieces are almost touching. Say:

The rift is gone.

Now have the pieces touch. With needle and thread, sew the fabric back together. Say:

It is done.

Fold the fabric and carry it with you until the full moon.

—-Deborah Lipp

Fourth Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Rose
Incense: Rose

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