Contemplating Communications

Take some time today to think about your communication style. Are there ways you could improve it? How well do you speak your truth? More importantly, how well do you listen? Allow the power of the waning moon, so close to the new, to help you go deep into your own Mysteries. Take a bright blue candle (blue for the throat chakra) and carve it with symbols of communication, such as the rune Ansuz, a smiling mouth, a spiral, or whatever works for you personally. Dress the candle with mugwort oil (for psychic awareness), light it, and deepen into meditation. Ask yourself:

How can I improve my
communication with myself and others?

Listen without judgement to the answers, allowing yourself to receive the messages of the Divine. Afterward, follow up by turning these messages into positive affirmations. Use this advice in all of your relationships, and watch them improve.

—-Thuri Calafia

Fourth Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Indigo
Incense: Pine

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