Hidden Treasure

With the second new moon in March, today is an auspicious time for a ritual to manifest hidden treasure. Begin by writing: thank you for the blessing of ___________. Write what you wish to manifest — wealth, health, luck, or love. Be specific. Write as if you already have it. Look at the paper and say:

As the moon waxes, my blessings grow, both seen…

Fold the paper in half.

…and unseen.

Place it on your altar, saying:

Abundant treasures lay inside of me.
The light of the moon illuminates these. Treasures hidden and waiting for me. So mote it be.

Whenever you pass your altar, repeat your thanks. The law of attraction will work with the waxing moon to help you find hidden treasure.

—-Dallas Jennifer Cobb

Fourth Quarter Moon in Aries
Color: Amber
Incense: Hyacinth

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