Borrowed Days of April

In the British Isles, the 29th, 30th, and 31st are said to be “borrowed days” from April. There are plenty of stories and legends of why the month of March asked for and received three extra days from April. It may be that the weather in March is often more like winter than spring. Or maybe some found it difficult to reconcile a month of thirty-one days following one of twenty-eight days. Whatever the reasoning, these days are traditionally feared to be bad luck days. Guard you luck by lighting four candles — one each in black, light blue, brown, and magenta.

Create your own spell incorporating the following phrases:

Negative out, positive in;
Away from dark, toward the light;
Cleansed, purified changed.

(With thanks to D. J. Conway, A Little Book of Candle Magic.)


Fourth Quarter Moon in Aries
Color: Lavender
Incense: Hyssop

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