Full Moon in Capricorn

This Super Moon will make us feel we need to do anything and everything in order for our kindreds to survive and/or get ahead of the game. For some this could mean working long hours so their kids go to the best schools, for others it’s home schooling so that their offspring are untainted by the “system.” Super success and competitiveness are the order of the day, but we need to watch out for being overly gung-ho and pushy with those we are trying to nudge up the status ladder.

There are karmic issues here of generations following in their ancestors footsteps which is obviously not always a good thing if you have very different ideas from your family of origin. A good way around this is taking the essence of the family talent and reinventing it with a twist. So if your parent was a GP, instead of medical school, use the innate healing ability to become a counsellor, an herbalist or even an astrologer (They used to be doctors in the olden days!). Think laterally; try something related but not the same. Spica the star that North Node/Ceres/Mars falls on is about brilliance in ones chosen field. It is fertile, but Diana Rosenberg suggests Spica is not really about making babies, it relates to ones creativity in a non-biological sense.

There is a strong sense of the family and blood ties with this Full Moon, but we will be questioning our allegiances. Do we stick with our biological family, even if they are abusive, or do we bravely strike out and find our spiritual family? The Eagle urges us to look further than our local environment, to boldly go to pastures where we feel a connection, even if they seem totally alien to us. Once we go there we may find that there is some past life link. The nodes are pathfinders; they open doors to new avenues. While the new tracks are being forged there can be slip-ups. But one can feel safe in the knowledge that with each step, the path will be less prickly and you will leave a path behind you that younger generations can follow.


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