July 12 – 26 Tunnel to the Light

How to Make the Most of Your Personal Tunnel

With so many planets changing signs and changing direction, the next two weeks will bring constantly changing energy and pressures to complete old projects so we’re ready for new adventures. Simply being aware of these shifts can help you manage them more effectively. Mark your calendar now so you can visualize what’s coming and prepare for it.

In addition, clear your calendar as much as possible so you can get extra rest, take extra time to care for yourself and your loved ones, and have time to experience this process consciously and fully. Also, get set to clear the decks–and your desk. Do whatever you can to clear out what must go from your life and create space for new ideas, projects, and relationships to enter your life.

During this phase, allow yourself to complete whatever Cancer-related work remains for you. Feel your emotions, use your mind to make sense of them, and then make constructive decisions to address the imbalances or lacks indicated by your strongest, most persistent  feelings.

Here Comes the Sun

Glorious Sunrise oil painting © Anne Nordhaus-Bike

At the same time, let yourself begin to welcome back joy and optimism so you can have fun with the coming year’s strongly Leo energy. Let the Sun come back to your life in a big way by letting its golden beams play over you and enjoying its warmth and life-giving light.

As we pass through the tunnel from womb to birth, from Cancer to Leo, take time to become more aware of both the Moon and the Sun. If possible, go outside this weekend to gaze at the full Moon. If you can arrange it, get up before dawn one morning, acknowledge nature’s darkness, and go outside to enjoy the sunrise. Face the east, see the sky gradually lighten, and welcome the Sun as it comes to us for another day. (Use caution: never gaze directly at the Sun.) If a sunrise experience is not possible for you at this time, simply enjoy sunlight during the day and give thanks for the fiery orb that centers our solar system.

Part of Leo’s promise can be found in our hearts: at any moment of any day or night, we can bring light to ourselves and others by choosing a sunrise over darkness. At any moment, we can start over and claim the light: simply remember that our true Sun is a spiritual one, tucked inside the soul.

Wishing you beautiful inspirations as you move through July’s tunnel and emerge into Leo’s celestial light. May the spirit of sunrise ever remain in your heart and throughout your life.

—-Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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