New Moon in Leo

Today’s New Moon in Leo gives us a chance to set beautiful new intentions not only for the month ahead but for an entire year as it echoes and aligns with Jupiter’s stay in the lion.

What does the child within you really want? When was the last time you clowned around, just for the fun of it? What creative talents did you leave behind when life got so serious in recent months and years? Now is the time to reawaken your specialness and all your gifts so your heart can fill with joy and your pleasure can push outward to enrich others’ lives.

We will be finding the balance of being protective without being stifling. We will feel willing to let go of the leading rein and even take off the harness.  With this Moon I think it will be essential to debate into the small hours. The topic at hand, whatever it might be, needs churning over from every angle before it can arise. This is a New Moon of very heated discussions and it’s important to hang in there and not rush out a new plan or product in haste. Otherwise it really could look like a patched up Frankenstein. It’s important to let those Franken scars heal good and proper, then get the timing right for when you need to let go of your “baby”, literally or figuratively. The house this New Moon falls in will give you a clue in what area of life you need to carefully incubate something or someone.

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