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Today is St. Jerome’s Day, celebrated by the Pueblo people. Saint Jerome was a priest, linguist, hermit, translator, Bible scholar, and hospice administrator. Today, celebrate the many roles your play. I’m a daughter, sister, partner, mother, librarian, teacher, volunteer, author … Continue reading

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Color of the Day: White

Burning a white candle or wearing a white element helps connect us with the purity of spirit we need to enact meaningful intention. It is aligned with elemental spirits, angels, and wisdom. If you are needing a guide, protection or … Continue reading

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Celtic Tree Month: Ivy

Dates: September 30 – October 27 Art by: Unknown Elemental Affinity:  Water Energy Alignment:  Feminine Most Prominent Birth Totems: Crow & Snake Gems or Crystals Associated with Ivy: Opal, Peridot, and Sapphire Other Creature Being Affinity: Lark, Goose, Swallow, and Butterfly Deities: Arianrhod, … Continue reading

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Michaelmas: St. Michael’s Day

Michael the Victorious Thou Michael the Victorious I make my circuit under thy shield, Thou Michael of the white steed, And of the bright brilliant blades, Conquerer of the dragon, Be thou at my back, Thou ranger of the heavens, … Continue reading

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Sagittarius Moon & Venus in Libra: September 29

The Moon is in fiery, spontaneous Sagittarius all day, aligning with Mars this afternoon. We instinctively desire change and adventure. While excessive haste or rash behavior can leave us vulnerable to difficulties, healthy risk-taking might simply serve to enliven us. … Continue reading

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Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon is at her most optimistic and upbeat in Sagittarius. We are motivated by a need to seek the truth, and we are ready to pursue a new vision. We are not interested in details just now. Instead, we … Continue reading

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National Coffee Day

Coffee! That magickal, mystical, stimulating, delicious elixir so many of us cannot do without every morning. There is more to the growing, manufacture, distribution, preparation, and consuming of coffee than can be written here. Coffee drinkers, sit quietly over your … Continue reading

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Venus Enters Libra

Venus’ move into Libra means our relationships and interactions with others will gain even more importance.

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