Pluto in September

Pluto changes direction on September 22nd, and at that point there will only be two retrograde planets (Uranus and Neptune) plus Chiron. After that time we will begin to see more forward movement and more of a sense of progress. However, throughout the month of September Pluto is stationary and that makes it more powerful and its influence more visible. Pluto represents death, regeneration and the use and misuse of power, which means that Pluto stationary periods can be difficult to manage. At its highest expression Pluto teaches us to empower ourselves through Truth and Wisdom and requires that we let go and surrender when there is no other cause of action.

In September there are a number of fast moving planetary cycles but overall the planets are relatively quiet. This provides us with an opportunity to rest and reflect on our lives to see where we might be headed in the future.

—-Lynne Hayes

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