Kindle Your Spiritual Immagination

Today is the beginning of the Celtic month known as Muin. It is sacred to the Lugh, the Celtic god of light, intellect, and spiritual balance.

How would you define spiritual illumination? Different people may give different definitions. For some, it is attaining the highest level of enlightenment, while for others, it is being in touch with their astral guides. Whatever it means for you, is it truly something you are working toward? Is it a goal of yours that you work at daily? Is your spiritual illumination something that is in the forefront of your mind, or is it often pushed way behind everything else?

Starting today, pull the goal of spiritual illumination our of the background. Meditate on it. Work on it daily. Without working on it, your spirituality will become stagnant. Breathe new life into it. Find out what spiritual illumination truly means to you, and make it a priority to reach toward it more each and every day.

—-Kerri Conner

Color: Red
Incense: Ylang-ylang

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