The elegant balsam fir, also known as Canada fir or sapin, is an evergreen tree often used in traditional medicine, natural health and aromatherapy. Balsam fir takes its name from the Latin balsamum, meaning ‘balm’.

The heavenly scent of balsam is uplifting to the mind and spirit. According to naturalist D.C. Peattie, the fragrance of balsam fir is “the dearest odor of all Nature”.

Balsam fir is highly valued in traditional and native medicine. Modern science confirms that balsam fir is a rich source of polyprenols, terpenes and other organic nutrients essential to mind and body wellness.

In ancient healing magic, balsam fir carries blessings of vigor and longevity, and may be used bring together energies of earth and sky. Balsam fir aroma aligns the sacral and heart chakras to restore emotional balance.

Because of its wonderful scent, perky conical shape and ability to retain its needles for a long time, the balsam fir is a popular choice as a Christmas tree.

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