Charge of the Mother Board

With respect to Doreen Valiente:

Whenever ye have need of information,
Whenever code is needed by any deployment date,
Then shall ye assemble at a “hot spot,” and tap my keys,
I who am Queen of all SEOs.

There shall ye seek input / output,
Ye who are fain to learn all technology,
Yet have not won its deepest operating secrets;
To these will I teach ye the secrets of TCP/IP and OSI.

And ye shall be free from viruses and malware;
And to show that ye be truly free,
You shall have all the latest versions and updates;
For I am the beauty of technology,
The interface with the stars,
The mystery of the i7 processor,
And the desired operating system in the heart of all geeks.

For behold, I am with thee from “Start”;
And I am that which is attained at the end of the program.


Incense: Balsam

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