Get the Job

Do this spell with a friend. Cense and sprinkle a space that will become your job interview location, and cense and sprinkle your resume as well.

Dress in your interview clothes and have your friend dress as the boss. Conduct the interview as ritual theatre. The “boss” loves your resume and points our things about it that are especially perfect for the job. He or she asks you questions that you answer appropriately, and ends by offering you the job at an excellent salary. Set a due date and shake hands.

To perform this spell of ritual theatre alone, dress as the boss and sit at a desk in a consecrated space. Read the resume, noting the best points out loud.Circle and underline important features. Say:

I’m going to hire [your name],
S/He is great for this job!

End either version with

So mote it be!

—-Deborah Lipp

Color: Coral
Incense: Vanilla

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